Meet TaJuana

imageHave you ever suppressed your dreams until the universe finally pushes you through your open door?


That was me. I grew up loving children. Taught Sunday School, and was always in youth ministries. Fast forward and it’s time to go to college. I attend Clark Atlanta University, study film, graduate, and work 16 years in retail as a Manager. I longed for a career change, so I tried Enterprise out for 10 years. Fate decided, “Long Enough”. And opened my door of opportunity.

So while I’m out of work, I meditated on how I would best serve the world. I remembered my childhood passion and was flooded with good memories and feelings. I wanted to impact the next generation and what does this earth need more than anything? Peace.

So I looked into Yoga for children, became certified and started my company, Tiny Yogis, LLC.

Tiny Yogis, LLC teaches children ages 3-12 to breathe, stretch and meditate. They learn to manage their emotions by repeating a mantra. They learn to balance their body in Yoga positions by focusing on a single object. And they learn to deeply relax and visualize through various breathing techniques. Yoga has been proven to improve children’s sleep, improve their test scores, improve asthma, and perform better in sports.

I teach at the Atlanta Baby Exchange, a number of Day Care Facilities, Public Libraries, Parks  and I will even come to you. I’ve gotten so many great responses and so much help, that I KNOW, I am finally living my dream! Peace!