Tiny Yogis, LLC

With all of the violence, brutality, and turbulence of the day, I feel like the answer to change lies in our children. They really are like a sponge, open and receptive to whatever we put in their precious minds. If we teach children peace at the start of their lives; how to manage their emotions; how to empathize with others around them, it will spark a revolution. Thereby creating a peace filled generation. The things they learn in Yoga will stay with them through their entire lives, because it was part of their foundation.

At Tiny Yogis, we teach children ages 3-12 to:

  • Breathe
  • Stretch
  • Meditate
  • Manage their emotions
  • Balance their body in Yoga positions
  • Deeply relax
  • Visualize through various breathing techniques

Yoga has been proven to improve children’s sleep,improve their test scores, improve asthma, and perform better in sports.

Tiny Yogis instructor TaJuana F. Jones grew up loving children. She always knew she would one day work with them.  In April 2015, she became certified through Kidding Around Yoga. She currently teaches at various Sheltering Arms, Atlanta Baby Exchange in the West End and The Exchange SE in Cobb County. She also does free events at Fulton and Cobb County Libraries.


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