Tiny Yogis & Shaping Minds Tutoring

Tiny Yogis teaches children that Yoga combines your MIND, your BODY & your BREATH. We have had work shops that taught them how to breathe in different situations that may arise in School and Life; they have learned how to do difficult poses and they learned how to quiet their mind. Knowing how to quiet their mind helps them to focus on their lesson, and retain the information they are being taught. This helps them become a well rounded student. But sometimes, the information can be overwhelming for children. Teachers have to contend with lots of different personalities and your student may struggle with that Teachers style of teaching. Tutoring may be a wonderful option for your student. I HIGHLY recommend Ms Ayana at Shaping Minds Tutoring for all of your tutoring needs. She is patient, kind and makes learning FUN! Check out her website shapingmindstutoring.com and see how her reading, math, STEAM, social skills, executive functioning, animation and sewing for children sessions can benefit your Pre-K-8th grader. And tell her TinyYogis says Om Shanti. 🙏🏾

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