National Childhood Obesity Awareness

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. 5% of Children in 1974 were obese. In 2002 that number tripled. 2003 saw us at the peak at 17.1 until 2014 when it spike again at 17.2. I didn’t plan to burden you down with facts and figures, just want you to see that this is a DANGEROUS growing trend. Childhood Obesity contributes to children suffering from diseases only old people used to deal with; such as Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Liver Disease. It also causes emotional & mental health issues, issues with their feet and increases the chances of Asthma and Sleep Apnoea. But there are 3 BASIC things Families can do to fight Childhood Obesity. 1. Make better food choices. 2. Get moving and 3. STAY MINDFUL


Join TinyYogis as we delve deeper into those three topics during our Stop Childhood Obesity Workshop September 16, 23 & 30. 10:00a At The Atlanta Baby Exchange located at 448 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd Ste 9 Atl 30312. We’ll share recipes, do a vigorous Yoga work out, and as always, learn how to remain Mindful. This is for the entire Family and the price is reflective of that. Only 40.00 for all three classes. Please pay in advance here, on this website, before September 15th. Let’s do our part in creating a Healthy, Happy & Peace Filled Generation! Namaste 🙏🏾

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