Lessons in Mindfulness

Weeeeeeeee’re BAAAAAAACK! Tiny Yogis is back and JUST in time for Back To School! Yoga is the perfect tool to have in your child’s arsenal.

It teaches your child body awareness. When we we see babies nibbling on their toes, fascinated by their feet, we recognize that this is a new discovery for them. As they get older, they learn to attach names to these body parts, and as they get older still they learn how to use them. Yoga teaches them to stretch beyond their expectations and push their body to new levels.

This is done using intense focus. Children learn to achieve balance, and accomplish difficult poses through focus. And focus increases concentration. This improves their confidence.

When children accomplish difficult tasks, they ALWAYS seek approval. Tiny Yogis is notorious for Hi 5’s and Hugs! You can see the confidence coursing through their veins. This helps them learn anger management.

A confident child is less likely to throw temper tantrums or have fits of anger. Anger tends to stem from anxiety and insecurity. A confident child will be more receptive to expressing his or herself verbally instead of violently. This helps them to relax.

Tiny Yogis teaches children how to relax through breathing techniques and visualization. Thereby increasing body awareness, focus, confidence, and a sense of security. Which is a one way road to PEACE!

Tiny Yogis goal is to ‘Create a Peace Filled Generation’. We are opening registration up TODAY for our Back To School: Lessons in Mindfulness. This is a three week course that will teach your child to Breathe (week one) Balance (week two) and Meditate (week three).  Classes are Saturday July 15, 22, & 29 at 10:00 am. This will be an awesome way to start your child’s school year off RIGHT!

Go to menu and select Registration and choose Back To School: Lessons in Mindfulness. Pre Registration covers all three classes. Register before July 14 to take advantage of the discount. 12.00 at the door (a la carte).

Hope to see you there!



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