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Benefits of Yoga for Children

Did you know that children deal with stress too? Yoga helps children manage their emotions, balance their body & deeply relax. It builds their confidence, helps them perform better in sports & improves their sleep. Children that do Yoga also have improved focus. Bonus: Yoga improves symptoms of Asthma.

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WELCOME TO 2018 Our whole lives have been leading up to this moment! Every decision we have made, steered us...

Tiny Yogis & Shaping Minds Tutoring

Tiny Yogis teaches children that Yoga combines your MIND, your BODY & your BREATH. We have had work shops that...

We’re Back At It!

We would like to sincerely apologize to all of you that came to our website, looking for more information, inspiration...

National Childhood Obesity Awareness

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. 5% of Children in 1974 were obese. In 2002 that number tripled. 2003...

Recap: Lesson in Mindful Breathing

Recap: Lesson in Mindful Breathing

Saturday’s first Session in our Back To School: Lesson on Mindfulness was a beautiful success! About 14 students learned that...

Lessons in Mindfulness

Weeeeeeeee’re BAAAAAAACK! Tiny Yogis is back and JUST in time for Back To School! Yoga is the perfect tool to...

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